Discover France otherwise…
Enjoy your stay in France to discover its culture, its history and different traditions depending on region.
To do this, FRANCE SERVICES ADVENTURE create themed programs that will help you better understand France, its people and its distinctive culture.
Five themes (culture, discovery, gastronomy, history and nature) and a multitude of programs that should please everyone.


cultureFRANCE ADVENTURE SERVICES propose you a large offer of programs witch will let you meet the population and their culture.
As an opportunity to escape and leisure, your trip will give you the chance to understand the history and the reality of France via the visit of museums, towns, natural sites …
Between the «Bistrot» and the paintings of Claude Monet, between the cheese, the wine and the ocean, between the castle of Versailles and the Louvre Museum, between Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf is hidden the culture of France.
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DiscoveryCome and discover France with FRANCE ADVENTURE SERVICES.
Discover a multitude of itineraries crossing the French areas, and visits the most prestigious sites :
Paris, the Loire Castles, the Mount Saint Michel, the rivers and the mountains ,the canyons and the water falls …
By foot, by horse, by boat, by bicycle,by canoe, by jeep, by train and by cable car, by hot air balloon, by mythical Citroen 2CV…
Name it…
We have it.
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gastronomyEach part of France with his own specialty, the Cassoulet of Toulouse, the Aligot of Aveyron, the Foie Gras of the Perigord, the Quenelles of Lyon, the Fondue of the Alps Mountains, the thousands kinds of cheese, the wine as part of life, makes France the world capital of the Gastronomy.
FRANCE ADVENTURE SERVICES will book for you the best tables, will help you in each region to choose the most special menu in the huge variety of the French cuisine.
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HistoryFRANCE ADVENTURE SERVICES invite you to explore more than 2000 years history.
From the prehistoric period till the Modern Age, passing through the Antiquity, the Middle Age or the Renaissance, you will visit the sites (caves, castles, towns, beaches….) and relive the greatest dates of the history : Charlemagne, The Kings of France, Robespierre and the Revolution, Napoleon, the Human Rights, the DDay beaches in Normandie… Every steps in France are history, the History of Europe, the History of the world.
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NatureFor those who want to relax and admire, in quiet, the landscape and the spectaculars sites FRANCE ADVENTURE SERVICES create itineraries where nature is the main part of the journey : sea, ocean, mountains, forests… You will discover all kinds of wildlife, the flora of the French countryside and you will come back home quiet, relax and full of wonderful experiences.
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